Karl Krogstad

Saint Sinner Chef Artist Filmmaker Norwegian

Hey, Karl Krogstad here

A primitive passion to glorify the cult of pictures and printed thoughts.

Krogstad has based his career on being a misunderstood artist. If one felt inclined to pander to his audacity, the names Cocteau and Eisenstein might come to mind. That aside, Krogstad is the greatest film-maker that the Northwest has ever produced, having won awards in most major film festivals in the world. Recently he was overhead saying, "Somebody has to be Karl Krogstad, so it's me." For this reason, the study of any work of film art must consider the history of its screenings." -- Standish D, Lawder-Yale, "The Cubist Cinema" NY Univ. Press.

"Krogstad is both a slave to beauty and a lenient master of it; he's a Picasso-esque ceramicist, a Euro-juicy painter with a bit of a cult following, an excellent adventurous cook, and a stand-up comic who prefers to sit down." -- Tom Robbins

What I Do

Karl Krogstad Directs!

The irrepressible Karl Krogstad has made over 60 films since the early 1970s, animated, experimental, music videos, documentaries, and features, and earned his fair share of festival awards in the process. Most made on a shoestring and employing the talents of volunteers, Krogstad's film projects have essentially served as inspiration and community film school for a generation of Seattle filmmakers and film lovers. More than being a maverick director, Krogstad's flamboyant personality and promotional antics, not to mention other eclectic creative pursuits, have made him a community legend.

Karl Krogstad Cooks!

Karl Krogstad is a not only a brilliant cook, but a tactile artist who understands how to incorporate taste, touch, sight, smell, and yes, even sound, into the experience of cooking and eating food. He knows that good cooks are faced with a variety of decisions every time they turn on the stove and understands both the physical and mental side of preparing a delicious meal.

A dreamer, a rebel with a cause, and a noted artisan, Karl Krogstad Cooks, now on YouTube, offers chefs of any skill set a nifty set of step-by-step instructions on how to create seriously good food.

That is some excellent tea.

Karl Krogstad Paints!

Karl Krogstad is an artist who doesn’t create art for publicity, fame or wealth, although those are all nice things, but Karl Krogstad paints just because it fulfills him. Karl Krogstad takes inspiration from everywhere: travel, animals, minerals, vegetables, people, circuses and clowns, bear and bicyles, and the abstract and obsurd.

He makes no distinctions between high and low forms of art and culture, for Karl Krogstad, there is nothing beyond the art. Art, he says, is merely an urge that arises within him from time to time that must be fulfilled.