Karl Krogstad

Saint Sinner Chef Artist Filmmaker Norwegian


Films For Your Cerebrum


Fellini's Last Scene

Karl Krogstad brings Fellini's unfinished work to life. "How did this happen? You didn't let me know. Yes, there were some signs, but this has gone too far."


"Naked thoughts and naked emotions are as vital as naked women," Surrealism leader Brenton argued. "It is our duty to undress them."

The Nicest Boy In Boyland

The nicest boy In boyland; you probably are a poor traveler, but a good tourist.  The story begins in Prauge, a place I have never been.

Stained Glass Masters

The firm produced the highest quality stained glass for 90 years. The last surviving partner, Basil Bayne, gave the firm its last innovation, his secret fused-glass technique.

The Perfect Show

Art is not an accident.

If this is perfect, what isn't?

The Autobiography of Karl Krogstad

Why does Karl Krogstad direct films? "If you think this is a little raunchy, you should see what the Portland people saw."

Skunk Lady

This is what happens when a young lady takes her pet skunk out for a walk.

Shrine To Circusanity

From the The Perfect Show and An Evening of Light and Dark.


Eggnog is famous for hosting one of the most bloody animation sequences of violence ever recorded.

Great Uncle Jimmy

Karl Krogstad's feature length film, Great Uncle Jimmy was shot in locations throughout Seattle in all of its tantalizing glory.

Say Yes To Drugs

Addition creates jobs....Shocking, but true!" Say Yes To Drugs is part of the Light and Dark Show.

An Evening of Light and Dark

Wait, wait. I've got a good one. Everyone should get a good pet, maybe a cat.

Drive In Sin

The ground from which I gulp the wine of memory. I will come like that to you some night.

Poet Of The Night

I know more than I see and that night I was allowed to see the albatros for the first time.

Idiot Savant

"Objection, your honor. The witness persists in giving irrelevant testimony."

Karl Krogstad